New Photinia varieties

Breathing new life into Photinias

Photinia 'Red Robin' has become a staple of the commercial horticultural industry in recent years. It has attractive foliage, is evergreen, quick growing and flowers, all qualities that make Photinia 'Red Robin' one of the most popular hedging varieties currently available. However, with evergreen hedging choices rather limited Photinia 'Red Robin' has become a prominent feature in our landscape and could be guilty of... dare I say it... being overused. The following three recent introductions into commercial horticulture should breathe some new life into the use of Photinia in our gardens.

Photinia 'Tuscan Orange'


Photinia 'Tuscan Orange' is a stunning new variety that has orange/red stems and a fantastic upright habit. Good as a specimen but even better when planted in groups (e.g. as a hedge) as the stems appear even more vivid. The red flushed young foliage is lighter than traditional 'Red Robin', appearing more orange than red, and will make a real impact in any garden.

Photinia 'Red Robin Compacta'


Photinia 'Red Robin Compacta' is the dwarf, compact hedging Photinia which we have all been waiting for. Unlike Photinia 'Little Red Robin' which gets to about 1m and will lose its shape if left unchecked, this dwarf Photinia has an upright habit and is perfect for making a manageable hedge without reaching the height of 'Red Robin'. Deep red stems with equally deep red young foliage that fades to green makes 'Red Robin Compacta' an attractive addition to any garden. Eventual height 3m with a spread of 2m.

Photinia 'Magical Volcano'


Photinia 'Magical Volcano' is an interesting new Photinia which has a serrated edge to the leaf. It has a very strong colour which remains on the new foliage for longer than other Photinias. Perfect for hedging or as a specimen, it will reach a height and spread of 3m and will do well in sun or partial shade.

July 2015