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November 2021

A Day in the Life - Peter, Procurement & Supply Chain Manager

07:15 Peter’s day starts with a coffee while he attends to the considerable number of emails that have come in overnight. While each day is different presenting its own particular challenges, communication via email (often sending and receiving photographs of individual specimens) is a constant task.


09:15 Emails dealt with, Peter and Robin (our transport controller) catch up on logistics operations. While we grow the vast majority of what we sell, we inevitably need to outsource additional items of stock. For this we have established a network of selected supply partners throughout the UK, as well as from Holland and Italy. Scheduling deliveries is therefore crucial function.


10:30 After another quick coffee it’s out onto the nursery. Leaving Clare looking after admin duties, Peter takes a walk around the nursery checking items on forward orders and making notes on the way round. As well as managing the supply chain, Peter also maintains long-term working relationships with a group of key accounts in the ‘new build’ sector, where volumes of orders are high and maintaining standards for quality and consistency is vital.


11:45 Peter is back in the office now, checking stock numbers and preparing for a weekly meeting after lunch identifying shortages and planning strategies to offer promotions on any overstocked items.


13:30 After a brief lunch break it’s time to meet with fellow managers from the finance, production and sales departments to discuss future growing requirements, stock numbers, logistics, progress with agreed production targets, along with discussing solutions to any issues that may have arisen.


14:45 Peter joins colleagues for a walk of the tree fields; this is in connection with our current ‘Field Grown Trees’ promotion. Among the topics discussed are ground conditions and the ease with which the tree team will be able to lift the trees in line with delivery schedules.


15:45 Time to return to the office to catch up with Clare and sales executive Adam before attending to pending sales quotations and orders.


16:30 Peter makes a few phone calls to discuss operations for the following day before spending more time on emails, finally leaving the office just after 17:00.