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A View from The Bothy

Horticulture Weak?


It’s no surprise to many that while the horticulture sector prides itself on a wide range of seasoned and highly qualified practitioners, there is a growing skills gap.

The reasons for this are many and varied; we are faced with an ageing workforce and many small businesses are struggling to survive in the wake of a global pandemic.

So, while taking on trainees or apprentices and sending them to horticultural college once a week is a nice idea, it’s perhaps too costly at the moment, along with the expense of trainees’ paid absence from the workplace.

It may be that horticulture is not your core profession; for example, many property developers and builders find themselves needing to either design and create gardens or improve and maintain existing ones.

This can certainly present a challenge.  There is a clear need for the gardens to look as good as the property, but with an exposed location or (as is often the case) soil types that do not lend themselves to the desired flora, it starts to get complicated.

Help is of course at hand.  There are any number of gardening books and TV shows which could steer you towards greater gardening knowledge.

Also available are online gardening courses to suit most requirements, skill levels and budgets.

But it may be an idea to avoid watching some of those online ‘self-help’ video channels provided by that well known ‘u tube’ site.  While some of the advice given is excellent, other tips should be taken with a pinch of salt.  You tend to find out the hard way.

The best plan to supplement your knowledge is surely to listen and learn from an experienced gardener - we all know at least one.

Offer them some help, ask advice, have a cup of tea or coffee with them.

Your time and theirs could be one of the best investments you ever make.