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January 2021

Off Our Trolleys...

We have a number of packaging types which can be used to deliver your plants safely, and one of the most popular methods is the use of Danish trolleys.

Danish trolleys (sometimes known as Dutch trolleys) are tall, shelved trolleus that have been part of the international horticulture industry for more than 50 years, proving to be an extremely versatile transport and storage solution.


They have four wheels, but only two of them swivel, so they are infinitely more controllable than a supermarket trolley, but they only work on a flat, hard surface as the wheels are quite small.

Danish trolleys are designed to be the perfect size for loading onto a lorry.

They are adjustable; perfect for taller plants with a healthy spread, or they can just as easily be stacked out with extra shelves for smaller pots.

The removable corner posts make great handles for pushing and pulling them along.

Different types of shelves are available but one of the best things about Danish trolleys is that they can be stripped down in a matter of minutes, flat packed and stacked.

Like many brilliant inventions they do have their drawbacks though.

If you don’t load them correctly, they can become unstable, and if they are overloaded you will struggle to move them.

But the main drawback is that they are expensive. Around £150 each, depending on the number of shelves.


Palmstead’s Danish trolleys are tagged and come from a central pool - Container Centralen (CC) - so when we deliver to you, we can either swap them if you have the same number of CC tagged trolleys, or you can arrange a short-term hire - ask our sales team.

If neither of these are options then they will need to be unloaded and returned with our driver, which is why your help in unloading the trolleys as quickly as possible is always greatly appreciated.