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Palmstead Nurseries - Over 50 years Experience in Providing Wholesale Plant Suppliers

For over 50 years Palmstead Nurseries have been producing quality nursery stock to meet the needs of the Landscape and Amenity industry.

Since our small beginnings in 1968; nestled deep within the North Downs, our company has grown to meet demand and is now situated on a single, highly efficient 53 hectare site in the heart of the Kent countryside.  Annual production has increased to in excess of one million containers and two hundred thousand field grown trees. We now stock a huge, diverse range of products to suit any purpose and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with premium quality plants at affordable prices.

South East based Wholesale Nursery

Our current site is ideally located within 2 miles of the rapidly developing historic market town of Ashford. We benefit from excellent communication links to the major motorway networks.

We are now one of the leading producers of nursery stock and our reputation for quality and trading integrity is widely acknowledged. We believe that the key to this success is our ability to listen and respond to the needs of the industry.

Kent Plant Experts

Our experienced nursery team will always be pleased to deal with your enquiries, source all your plant needs and offer continually competitive quotes.

We hope you enjoy our new website and find it informative, however, to fully appreciate the scale and quality of our production we invite you to visit us at your convenience.

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Specimen plants are traditionally semi-mature, large sized trees and shrubs that are used to create central features in gardens or focal points in a landscape. They can often be bespoke and can represent a real investment. It’s important to think about the environment where you will plant your specimen, to make sure it is entirely suited to its location. Whether you are planting a standard tree or a multistem, make sure you get your spot right! Winter is a great time to consider planting most specimens, increasing availability due to field grown products and potentially saving some money as containerised specimens are usually more expensive. It is important that, once planted, your specimen is well cared for. Soil preparation is very important, plant as soon as you can after receiving your specimen, use tree supports where necessary and consider carefully the need for aftercare. At Palmstead we have a wide selection of specimens available. We appreciate the time it can take trying to find that ideal specimen so, wherever possible we record 360 degree videos of each specimen so you can order the exact one you want online from the comfort of your own home! Visit our online specimen section today and take advantage of our generous web discount!

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Palmstead has the health and wellbeing of our mutual businesses at its core and is continuing to trade in accordance with the government's advice on best working practices.

We are working tirelessly to adapt how we operate to ensure there is as little disruption as possible to our ability to service your requirements safely, in the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking to place an order? Our team is here to help you with our expert knowledge and usual high standards of service.

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