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A View from The Bothy…

Waste Not, Want Not

Plastic bags. Everyone hates them…and with good reason; they take more than 500 years to degrade in landfill, they litter the seas and waterways, and present untold hazards to all forms of life.

But they have become as much of a ‘must-have’ item as face masks for even the briefest of shopping trips.

They have other uses too though.

We use plastic bags (not carrier bags obvs…) to keep our open ground roots nice and fresh while they are waiting to be planted.

And if your old gardening boots are comfortable but leaky, you can keep your feet dry by wearing plastic bags on your feet…Inside your boots.

Thinner bags - like bin liners - are better suited for this purpose than your standard reusable supermarket bag – they are a bit too thick.

But for those days when you really have to go to work, even though the weather is foul, you’ll need your breathable (i.e. not made of plastic) waterproof over trousers.

Most of us tend to err on the side of optimism, and start the working day without them, only to eventually find that it didn’t brighten up after all. By then of course your boots are all muddy and you want to put your over trousers on.

We turn once again to the humble plastic bag. If you put your muddy boot into a carrier bag (making sure you’ve removed your meal deal first) you will be able to slide your boot into the leg of your over trousers with ease. (Remove bag before work…)

And then afterwards you’ll be able to keep your muddy boots in the carrier bag.

You’re welcome!