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April 2022

A Day in the Life - Gary, Palmstead Delivery Driver

Driving a truck for Palmstead is a job where each day is different.  Our drivers are customer facing and visit a wide variety of locations, including landscape depots and domestic houses, as we found out when we hitched a ride with Gary recently.

07:00: Gary is already in the yard, checking over his 2021 DAF LF, more details here:

With everything in order, we leave the nursery shortly afterwards, heading for our first delivery at Pound Hill, near Crawley.

08:40: Having made good time on the motorway, we were soon at our first drop. As Gary moved six pallets to the back of the truck, the customer quickly unloaded them with a forklift.


09:30: Our next destination was in the picturesque grounds of Tilgate Park, where Gary unloaded eleven Danish trolleys for his next customer. This is regular delivery so Gary will collect the empties next time, allowing us to get on our way to the next location, 55 miles away in Chiswick.

11:20: As we arrived in West London, the destination was in a tiny residential side street. This delivery was for a spectacular looking project and consisted of a Danish trolley and two large container grown plants

This time the trolley had to be unloaded and put back on the truck, and once Gary had taken his 45-minute break we were then off to North London. 


1:30: After avoiding low bridges, weight limits and width restrictions, we arrived in Willesden.  Here two trolleys were delivered to a landscape designer for a stylish garden project.  Once again Gary needed to unload the plants at the kerbside.

4:30: More than two and a half hours later we arrived back at the nursery.  After topping up the Adblue and diesel tanks, it was time for a debrief with transport controller Robin, before joining fellow driver Andy to load the trucks ready for the next day’s deliveries.