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A View from The Bothy...

What's in the Bag?

Given the peripatetic nature of what many of us do, it can be time consuming to make sure we’ve got everything we need as we venture off to get our boots muddy.

If you work in one place, hopefully you have a secure and dry base where you can make a brew, keep your sandwiches cool, hang your hat and store your Felcos.

Otherwise, you may have to carry everything around with you, even if you have your own van. For this, we suggest a trusty holdall.

So, we’ve made a checklist you may want to refer to; obviously you’ve got most of these covered, but there’s no harm in having a look, is there?


·         Loo roll - you‘ll only forget this once…

·         Hand sanitiser - especially these days.

·         Hand wipes - Ideally compostable/biodegradable, but also tough enough to be able to clean your paws without disintegrating.

·         Facemasks - preferably washable.

·         A small first aid kit – don’t forget to keep it topped up if you use something.

Work stuff:

·         Several pairs of gloves - see for details.

·         A carrier bag - see for details.

·         Safety glasses, both clear and tinted - why not bring a spare pair for a friend?

·         Ear defenders/ear plugs - you never know when things are going to get noisy.

·         A hat - to protect you from the elements in summer or winter, or those days when you get both.

·         Waterproofs - preferably breathable; to keep the wet stuff on the outside.

·         A notebook and pen - this will come in handy sooner or later.

Food & drink:

·         A durable (wipe clean) cool bag - one that you can fold flat when it’s empty.

·         A reusable plastic drink bottle - fill it with water or squash and put it in the freezer overnight; it’ll keep your food cool and you’ll have a cold drink for most of the working day.

·         A washable sandwich wrapper - easily available, machine washable and cuts down on disposable plastics.

·         A tough steel flask.

So now you’ve got everything together, don’t forget your phone and your keys…

Have a good day!