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"Brexit...Stage left"


“Brexit...Stage Left"


            With the date for leaving the EU rapidly approaching, we ask ourselves are we ready? 

      Here at Palmstead we believe we are but, as a company committed to business partnerships, we would like to provide you with as much information as we can about what you may need to be considering in a post Brexit future. 

             Below are the main points on how we as a business are preparing for Brexit, and how we feel we can work together to
successfully adapt to any changes that may happen:

·    We believe that working in partnership and with some extra planning, we can give you a little bit of insight regarding what is likely to happen in a post Brexit future;

·      Increased inspections and paperwork could result in significant delays, with no guarantee of delivery times and increased expense.  
If you are importing items for your orders it would be beneficial to allow yourself more time.  We would suggest considering adding an additional 10-14 days to your timeline moving forward;

·     If you are on a short timeline and cannot afford that extra wait, are you able to consider using an alternative product?  Can you adjust
the required pot size?  Can you adjust your plant size?  Have you considered asking for items that are in stock?  Did you know we’ve
increased our stock of specimens?

·       We recommend ordering from stock during January and February as far as possible, as we are actively trying to avoid buying in
during this transitional period.  By visiting you will have access to our up to date stock availability,
plus you’ll receive 10% discount when you place your order online;

·      The other big change will concern record keeping, and this is the bit we need to work with you on.  All parties will be under the obligation to keep records for 3 years, which provides information on traceability, origin, etc.  Moving forward, your sales orders, delivery notes and invoices could all carry the information we are required under legislation to retain.  However, due to the volume of information we need
to communicate, the need to go electronically paper-free becomes paramount.  If we have to record and then print everything required, we think our paper and printing consumption could double (not to mention the amount of filing)!  Plus, from the environmental perspective, moving to electronic documentation is a necessity.

If you have any questions please email us at: