Brexit - are we ready?



Are we ready?



With the date for leaving the EU fast approaching, we ask ourselves are we ready? Here at Palmstead we believe we are,
but as a company committed to business partnerships, we would like to provide you with as much information as we can
about what you may need to be considering in a post Brexit future. 

Please watch the short video above to find out what we are doing about the potential impact of Brexit on the horticultural industry and how it may affect you.
A downloadable document is also available, addressing the key points from the video above. Please click here to download the document. 

Unfortunately, we do not have all the answers and, like you, we are still waiting for things to be finalised.
              We have put together a Q&A page to answer your questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please email us at:
We will try to answer as best as we can and will add your question(s) and our answer(s) to this page. 

Q. Can I still order non-stock items?

A. Yes, except for lines that have restricted movements (due to biosecurity factors)

Q. Will we experience delays in receiving our delivery?

A. i) All orders received where the stock is at our nursery (see listings ) will be delivered as normal;
 ii) Orders containing items from partner UK nurseries will be delivered as normal;
 ii) Orders containing items from partner EU nurseries should be delivered as normal but we cannot assess the impact resulting from Brexit
until the initial period of change settles.

 Recommendation – if you are ordering non-stock lines please talk to the member of the team handling your enquiry.
 We anticipate that allowing 14 days from placing orders to full delivery is achievable in most cases.

Q. Will you have road congestion problems in Kent causing delay in delivery?

 A. Possibly. In the event of road congestion, we have contingency plans in place. Using our tracker system on the vehicles and road traffic reports we can,
in the event of a problem, divert vehicles or set off earlier to achieve our delivery timelines.

 Q. If congestion causes a problem how will I be notified of any changes?

 A. Other than Friday 1 November where we will need to react to any changes throughout the day, we will be able to implement a contingency plan
for Monday 4 November, should the need arise. We will notify clients on Friday by 9.00 am of any changes to the first drop timing from Monday,
allowing for changes if required.

 Q. Can I pre-order to reduce the risk of delays to my project?

 A. Yes, we would definitely recommend forward planning up to Christmas wherever possible.
 A deposit against purchased items may be required, however please talk to the member of the team handling your enquiry for further guidance.

 Q. What happens if the timescale of my project slips?

 A. We experience this type of problem from time to time (even without Brexit). If you follow the guidance below you can avoid charges:
 i) Our normal practice is to notify you by SMS 3 days in advance of your order’s agreed delivery date.
 If you anticipate this date being delayed, please let us know on the day you receive the SMS.
This will mean your order can be put on hold prior to us commencing its preparation for dispatch
(please ensure we have the correct contact mobile number for the order);
 ii) Short term delays (within 4 weeks) will typically not incur charges, however we may require a deposit against items purchased on your behalf;
 iii) Long term delays of 4 weeks plus may require pre-picking to collate your order into a holding area, however a charge may be applied as a deposit
against the order value;
 iv) Please talk to the member of the team handling your enquiry for further guidance.

Q. If there is a problem with my order how quickly will I be notified?

 A. As soon as is reasonably practicable. Our EU partners will provide notification of issues once they have gone through their checking procedures
(typically we receive goods on a Monday and aim to deliver from the Wednesday onwards).
 This may result in notification being issued on the previous Friday afternoon.
In the event of shortages or delays, the member of the team handling your enquiry will contact you to discuss options.

Q. If we experience delays as a result of transport, will this affect quality?

 A. We do not anticipate any problems, however, if we do experience any disruption to service this is likely to occur over the next few months.
 Fortunately, as temperatures drop, the plants are not placed under the same stresses that they would be subjected to during the summer months.
 All products will pass through our quality control system and in the event of any issue the member of the team handling
your enquiry will contact you to discuss options.

 Q. I have heard that changes are occurring to Plant Passports and labelling, will this affect me?

 A. Possibly. This is not a Brexit issue and it is our understanding that changes will be implemented by mid-December, irrespective of Brexit.
 As we do not know your business we highly recommend visiting
for up to date information and guidance on determining whether you need to make changes. Palmstead will comply with the requirements for
the supply of plants to our clients. We will issue Plant Passports where relevant supported by electronic documentation to satisfy the audit trail that will all be required.