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A View from The Bothy...

The Goldilocks Principle

We often hear apocryphal tales of people being sent home because their workplace is either too hot or too cold for them to work comfortably.

Of course, we hardy types choose to work outside and probably dream of such cosseting. We usually have to decide for ourselves whether we’ll be too hot, too cold or just right when we leave home in the morning.

But maintaining an acceptable working temperature - ‘The Goldilocks Principle’ - is important, and is something of an acquired art.

The secret lies in layers; thin layers trap air between them and, so long as they stay dry, that air will act as insulation to maintain body temperature. And in addition, thin clothes don’t take up too much room in your bag when you inevitably start to peel them off.

Your outer layer needs to be durable, waterproof and preferably breathable, ideally not too heavy.  Some jackets come with a fleece that can be zipped in or out, which is useful for summer or winter.

Then you need a fleece or sweatshirt, ideally with long sleeves. This can be worn over a t-shirt or two, or even three depending on how cold it is. These should be able to ‘wick’ or remove moisture from the body, which will help you regulate your temperature.

A buff or neck gaiter - a sort of elasticated neck tube, is a great idea; it will keep you warm in winter and - if soaked in water - cool in the summer. They have many, many uses including wristband, bandana, hairband or even face covering.

Finally, you’ll also need a hat.  We lose a lot of heat through our heads and in the summer exposed bits of your body can get frazzled, so wearing one is good practice.

The only other important thing is to remember to take everything home at the end of the day. It won’t be much help if it’s left hanging on a branch somewhere…