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2- A View from the Bothy...

Stake and Chips

If you’re planting trees, you’ll definitely need a few sundries; you can treat this article as a sort of recipe to give your trees the best start in life.

Have a read through our very helpful (free) guides on tree selection and planting: -
Tree Selection   
Tree Planting

You might need something to improve the soil where you’re planting – chances are it may not be the best medium for a tree to grow in – so consider adding mycorrhiza to your backfill.

You will also need to support the trees.  They don’t usually need counselling, but they will need something to help keep them upright.

Tree stakes are the answer - there are several variations, but for a bare root tree you will probably need one and for rootball and container grown trees it’s likely you’ll need two – one for each side of the planting pit.

Add some ties to the list; don’t want to teach granny how to suck eggs, but these are to hold the trees to the stake(s).  Fit these so that you can adjust them as the tree gets thicker.

You may need to prevent rabbits from eating your newly planted trees by using tree guards, you’ll need up to 600mm of clear stem - you can also fit them to multistems.

And finally, you can finish off the appearance of the tree pits with a mulch - bark chips are ideal and will keep the surface moist and weed free.

Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team are on hand on 01233 813340.  They will be able to advise you on mycorrhiza and other soil improvers, tree ties, rabbit guards and bark chips, and you can find out more about our tree stakes by clicking on the following link - Tree Stakes & Sundries

But most importantly – make sure you’ve got a water supply.  Unfortunately, we can’t help you there...