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May 2022

Carrying the Load...

As anyone who runs at least one vehicle will know, energy and transport costs are spiralling.  While we’d like to add ‘at the moment’ here, it currently seems to be an ongoing issue.

At Palmstead we face the expense of two different types of transport: ‘transport in’ and ‘transport out’.  With both, the costs have risen exponentially and show no signs of slowing down.

‘Transport in’ covers the supplies of bulk raw materials and consumables involved in the production of plants, including pots, fertilisers, planting media and packaging, as well as plants and trees supplied by third parties.


Ultimately we have little control over these transportation charges.

Transport out’ is the cost of delivering our plants.  This generally falls into two categories: our own transport fleet, and our specialist carrier partners - the latter of which we tend to use for deliveries further afield that will fit into a pallet box.

Aside from the initial outlay of having our trucks built to our own specification (£79,000 each), the costs to run each of them are as follows: road fund licence (£300 p.a.), insurance (£3,000 p.a.), mandatory periodic inspections and servicing (£5,000 p.a.), and eventually we need to replace each of the six tyres (£1,800).


Then we have to fill them up with diesel every day.  Although our trucks are modern and fuel efficient, pushing up to 15 tonnes of mass through the air still uses a gallon of fuel every fourteen miles, at a cost (at the time of writing) of £8.30.

Which means that a delivery to Brighton and back (for example) will cost more than £106 for fuel alone.  If the vehicle enters London’s Congestion Charge zone, add an extra £20.  Once you factor in the driver’s salary and associated costs, suddenly it all starts looking rather expensive.

So, if collecting your order from our site is an option, it may well save us both money…