Need A Supply Of Nursery Stock In The UK?

Whether you’re looking for trees to supply a splash of autumn colour or are looking to invest in new hedges, Palmstead Nurseries is a leading supplier of nursery stock in the UK.


Located in an area frequently known as ‘the garden of England’, Kent, Palmstead Nurseries sell all kinds of horticultural products to those in the landscape and amenity industry. We’ve come a long way since our inception in 1968 and have expanded to produce over one million containers and 200,000 field-grown trees.


We not only sell a wide range of nursery stock but hold soft landscape workshops which can help you learn to face the challenges in the horticultural industry. During our latest workshop, we cover the issue of climate change and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. This workshop takes place at the Ashford International Hotel.


Our experienced team are always happy to help find whatever you might be looking for, with a diverse range of nursery stock available and new and exciting items being introduced all the time.


We’ve recently completed the final phase of current developments, which is the construction of our new specimen facility. This means we will be stocking a larger and more diverse range of specimens than ever before, enabling you to find the specimen that's just right for your project.


If you need a supply of quality nursery stock in the UK, why not get in touch today?