Need Hedging Suppliers In The UK?

Hedges are not only important for creating boundaries and demarcating a space, but they also serve as homes for wildlife.


They also provide screening and protection from the wind, give a garden privacy and promote the healthy functioning of ecosystems since hedgerows produce oxygen and capture pollutants.


Between November and April are considered one of the best periods for planting new hedges, although it can be done at any time of year.


Whatever type of hedges you need for your project, Palmstead Nurseries is keen to help.


Autumn is one of the best times to be planting new shrubs, with the soil just the right level of moistness.


Whether you require hedges that can be shaped into topiary or evergreens to keep your outdoor space looking green in the depths of winter, Palmstead Nurseries can help.


Located in Kent, Palmstead Nurseries are suppliers of quality plants to a wide range of clients in the landscape and amenity industries in the UK. Part of the British Association of Landscape Industries, our team are always happy to provide advice on the right hedges for your project.


If you’re looking to order hedges in the UK, why not find out more about Palmstead Nurseries today?