Choosing Hedging Suppliers In The UK?

Palmstead Nurseries is a plant supplier who can meet all the needs of the landscape or amenity industry. Situated at the foot of the downs in Kent, we recently celebrated 50 years in this industry.

Our wide range of products includes hedging that is delivered to customers all over the UK. One of the UK’s leading suppliers of everything from herbaceous plants to hedging, we combine quality products with the best possible customer service.

Part of the British Association of Landscape Industries, we are dedicated to providing high quality plants at the most competitive prices, with efficient deliveries available throughout the UK.

Whatever you’re looking for the chances are we can help.

We have a long list of hedging and transplants to choose from including evergreens like Escalloinia (Red Hedger) which can bring interest throughout the seasons. Red Hedger has glossy green foliage and blooms with masses of vivid red flowers in spring

Whether you’re looking for hard-wearing plants for reclamation work, like Kilmarnock Willow (Salix cinera) or those for partly shaded areas like Copper Beech, our experts are always happy to track down the right hedging for your needs.

We’re always introducing new and exciting products to our range, many of which are displayed on our Twitter.

Discover more reasons Palmstead Nurseries are one of the leading plant suppliers in the UK.