Need A Supplier Of Plants In The UK?

Although nature might seem dead at this time of year, now is an excellent time to plan ahead for the coming spring.

One of the leading suppliers of plants in the South East, Palmstead Nurseries can deliver our plants anywhere in the UK. We stock a wide range of specimens to spruce up any outdoor space and all our products can be ordered online.

We currently have a winter sale in which you can save up to 20% and you can find a list of our discounted prices on our website.

With a huge range of different plants available, you can easily find what you’re looking for, but if you can’t find the plant you need, our expert team are always happy to help. We have a large network of suppliers who can track down pretty much any plant.

Originally based in the South Downs, today we are located in Kent, an area of the UK frequently known as ‘the garden of England’. We not only supply the finest quality plants but run landscape workshops, with our latest Soft Landscape Workshop scheduled for 23rd January.

If you’re searching for a supplier of plants in the UK, why not find out more about Palmstead Nurseries today?