Herbaceous Plant Suppliers In The UK

The best way to create beautiful garden borders, herbaceous plants have soft green stems and are often deciduous, which means they die every year. However, they can also be evergreens, so it’s important to check if you want a plant that provides year-round interest. Nonetheless, most of the time they are perennials and unlike other plants, they don’t have a woody stem above the ground.

Herbaceous plants usually grow fast and produce flowers and seeds in a short space of time. Sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain whether a plant fits into this category- for example, roses are flowering perennials rather than herbaceous.

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For over 50 years we’ve been meeting the needs of the landscape and amenity markets. We have a massive choice of herbaceous plants that include beautiful flowers and evergreens.

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Whether you’re looking for common plants or rarer specimens, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Palmstead Nurseries and if not, our team can help track down a plant for you. We offer highly affordable prices for all our plants, including a web discount of around 10%.

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