Looking For Hedging Suppliers In The UK?

Do you need reliable hedging suppliers in the UK?

Hedges not only look highly attractive and protect against the wind, but provide a home for wildlife, including birds and insects. They’re the most beautiful way to create barriers or mark the boundary of your land.

Hedging can also prevent soil loss and reduce pollution, regulating the water supply and reducing flooding. They also serve as visual guides and can be used to screen unsightly building developments.

Palmstead Nurseries are dedicated hedging suppliers in the UK, who offer a wide range of different options for landscape and amenity market.

Whether you’re looking to order hedging suitable for shaping into topiary or want to bring colour to a landscape over winter, Palmstead Nurseries can help you find what you need.

Based in the South East, Palmstead Nurseries regularly deliver hedging all over the UK. One of the leading suppliers of wholesale plants, we offer the most competitive quotes for all our customers.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we’re always happy to help with your enquiries. Situated on a highly efficient 53 acre site in Kent, we have excellent links to major motorways and have our own couriers. Order online and you will get a 10% discount on all products.

Why not explore our range of hedging today?