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Palmstead Mini Workshops 2019

Palmstead Mini Workshops

In 2019 we will be holding monthly mini-workshops at Palmstead Nurseries that are designed to help educate
and inform on multiple aspects of the horticultural industry.
Please see below brief descriptions for upcoming events. To find out more about each individual session
and to book your place, please click the highlighted 'Click here' in each section. 


Wednesday 20 February 2019

'A horticultural jargon buster'

Free course

                                                                                                                                                                                    Do you find yourself questioning what certain terms in horticulture mean? Do you find plant and pot sizing unclear? When quoting, are you unsure of what certain types of information mean? If so, then this mini-workshop will unlock all this key information and is perfect for you.

This course is aimed at anyone entering the horticultural industry for the first time or who is currently involved in placing quotation requests, orders or working with specifications in their present role. We will be looking at the relevance and meaning of certain horticultural terms, the context in which they are used and how they can be used most effectively in your work.

Descriptive terms like ‘Type’, ‘Form’, ‘Size’ and ‘Spread’ will be explained as well as terminology used in picking, packaging and delivery. Each stage of the enquiry process will be dealt with, from sending a quotation to placing your order; from requesting a delivery to receiving your goods. We believe this course will unlock the jargon and will leave you confident in the knowledge you have gained and fully prepared to apply it to your future work.

This is a free to attend course taking place on-site here at Palmstead
on Wednesday 20 February 2019.

Approximate timings for the day 10am – 3pm. Lunch and refreshments will be provided (please state any dietary requirements when registering). Please check the website for information concerning the itineraries for each day nearer the time.

This course is now fully booked Click here for more information about the day.
If you wish to be added to a reserve list then please contact


Wednesday 20 March 2019

'From seeds to specimen - what size suits you best?''

Free course

                                                                                  In this fascinating mini-workshop we will be looking how different types of plants perform in different pot sizes and what you need to consider when planning your designs and subsequent plant quotes.

When are 2 litres better than 5 litres? What plants perform better in smaller pots and when should you consider looking at larger sizes?

Discover industry tips that will help you plan your designs with impact and economy all in mind.

Click here to find out more or to book your place.


Wednesday 24 April 2019

'Planting for drought'

Free course

                                                  We all experienced an extremely hot and dry summer in the UK.
Plants suffered a lot from the lack of water and the heat. Many losses were experienced in newly planted gardens and many others were significantly set back.

In this mini-workshop we will be discussing which plants are more tolerant to dry conditions?
Which plants require less maintenance when faced with dryness and heat?
How much water do newly planted plants really need?
 What irrigation do you need and much more!

Click here to find out more or to book your place.