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Palmstead Mini Workshops 2019

Palmstead Mini Workshops

In 2019 we will be holding monthly mini-workshops at Palmstead Nurseries that are designed to help educate
and inform on multiple aspects of the horticultural industry.
Please see below brief descriptions for upcoming events. To find out more about each individual session
and to book your place, please click the highlighted 'Click here' in each section. 


Wednesday 24 April 2019

'Planting for drought'

Free course

                                                  We all experienced an extremely hot and dry summer in the UK.
Plants suffered a lot from the lack of water and the heat. Many losses were experienced in newly planted gardens and many others were significantly set back.

In this mini-workshop we will be discussing which plants are more tolerant to dry conditions?
Which plants require less maintenance when faced with dryness and heat?
How much water do newly planted plants really need?
 What irrigation do you need and much more!

This course is now fully booked!   
If you wish to be added to a reserve list then please contact
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Wednesday 22 May 2019

'De-bugging the bugs'

                                                During this course we will be looking at :
- Common pests and diseases which affect plants and turf
 - How husbandry and housekeeping can help to reduce pest and disease problems
- A ready reckoner to identify common pests & diseases, the damage they cause and a range of control methods
- What is meant by the term ‘plant passport’
 - A review of the range of import restrictions that may impact our plant choices in the future

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Coming up this year : 

Palmstead mini workshops

                                                  19 June - 'Unlocking the potential of the Digital World' 

24 July - 'Meeting the challenges of urban planting' 

21 Aug - 'Hazard spotting, where do we see risk?' 

18 Sept - 'Our environment, our responsibility’

23 Oct - ‘It’s all about the roots - what makes for a sound foundation?'

20 Nov - 'Reliable and robust- Bullet proof gardening'