Searching for Hedging Suppliers in the UK?

Early autumn is one of the best times for planting new hedges although they can be planted any time in the UK. However, it is best to wait if your garden is waterlogged or frozen which is obviously not a problem at the moment!

A highly experienced hedging supplier, Palmstead Nurseries are ideal for those in the landscape or amenities market; our hedges come in a wide range of sizes and we offer a huge choice of specimens. 

Highly affordable and extremely easy to plant, hedges are important for providing attractive boundaries in your garden; they not only provide structure to an outdoor space but attract plenty of wildlife to your garden.

As dedicated hedging suppliers, Palmstead Nurseries can deliver your new plants to your site in the UK. Our products include those which are already shaped into topiary.

Among our range is Elaeagnus x ebbingei (Oleaster), a vigorous shrub with glossy green leaves. Flowering from September to October, it blooms with creamy white flowers and orange speckled fruit.

Our extensive collection also includes Pyracantha (Firethorn) which produces clusters of white flowers in early flowers.

Palmstead Nurseries are part of the British Association of Landscape Industries and all our products are shipped from our site in Kent.

Explore our range of quality hedges today.