Find your Perfect Plant Suppliers in the UK

While it might be hard to imagine, it’s less than a month until spring officially starts on 20th March. When the warmer weather arrives, it’s an excellent time to have new flowers and trees planted in your garden. 


We can help your landscape bloom into life this spring.

A garden is more than just a patch of land, it’s a private oasis for relaxing and enjoying nature. Many people aren’t lucky enough to have one, so it’s important to make the most of it if you’re blessed with your own green patch.

Similarly, you want a park and nature reserve to be as beautiful as possible, along with public spaces like school gardens.  

Palmstead Nurseries are ideal plant suppliers for the landscape and amenity industry, offering a huge choice of trees, plants, flowers and bulbs for your outside space.

Although our deliveries and collections might be temporarily stopped because of the snow, we’re soon resume our deliveries of top quality plants throughout the UK. With our premium quality plants, you’ll have everything needed to transform your space.

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