Hedging Suppliers In The UK

Palmstead Nurseries could be your perfect hedging suppliers with a huge choice of quality plants delivered all over the UK.

Hedges are a much more beautiful way to mark boundaries than a fence and many people have them for purely decorative purposes. They are also important for encouraging wildlife, such as birds, to visit your garden.

Evergreen hedges can bring greenery into your garden all year round, making them a fantastic permanent feature. They’re also a great long-term investment as evergreens are extremely hardy and last for a long time.

Our Hedging and Transplants range from Alnus Glutinosa (Common Alder) and Carpinus betulus (Common Hornbeam) to Sambucus Nigra (Black Alder) and Virburnum opulus (Guelder Rose).

Palmstead are not only suppliers of hedging but a massive range of other plants and flowers.

Palmstead Nurseries are proud to have won the RHS Award of Garden Merit for our hedging and transplants and can ensure you only receive the highest quality plants. Even if there’s a plant you need that you can’t find, Palmstead Nurseries can use our large network of suppliers to track it down for you.

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