Need A Culinary Herbs Supplier In The UK?

Are you looking for a culinary herbs supplier for your nursery in the UK?

The popularity of home-grown cooking has grown exponentially in the UK, particularly when it comes to culinary herbs. After all, why buy supermarket herbs when you can have them fresh from your own back garden?

Herb gardens have been in existence for centuries and used to be known as ‘witches’ gardens’ when they were built for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

Potagers (or kitchen gardens) are a lovely addition to any outside space with this type of garden found at many National Trust properties. They have a visual appeal that looks beautiful all-year-round, with many people incorporating perennials and woody shrub plants into the design. Because they’re also ornamental, this type of plant sells well at any time of year.

Whether you’re looking for a supplier of basil, dill, mint, rosemary or thyme, Palmstead Nurseries can supply the best herbs for your purposes.

If you need a culinary herbs supplier in the UK, why not check out our range of herbs today? Alternatively, if there’s a plant you can’t find simply contact us today. We have a large network of supplies so can easily find the plant you’re looking for.

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