Searching For Suppliers Of Climbers In The UK?

Climbers are a lovely way to embellish a trellis or pergola, whether a gardener chooses clematis, roses, wisteria or honeysuckle. With the right training, they can climb up walls to spectacular effect, with many English gardens having bursts of purple wisteria or rambling roses clambering up red brick walls.

Climbers can also be entwined with other trees or shrubs, providing they don’t impede the growth of the host plant.  For example, crab apple trees are known for working in tandem with spring-flowering clematis. Classic climbers for trees and shrubs include roses, honeysuckle and clematis, which are relatively easy to maintain.

Are you looking for suppliers of climbers in the UK?

At Palmstead Nurseries this is one of the many categories we cover on our online shop, with our climbers including Clematis in its many forms, such as Blue Angel, ‘Carnaby’, Early Sensation, Etiole Violette and Tangutica.

Sometimes known as ‘old man’s beard’, clematis has flexible and durable vines that can be used to make wreaths.

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