Need An Experienced UK Supplier Of Plants?

Britain is now officially in bloom, with bright tulips and dandelion clocks capturing the sun in the longer evenings. Clouds of white meadowsweet are appearing on the hedges, the trees are recovering their greenery, and the world and its gardens look alive once again. 

For many gardeners, this is the time when they get back out in the garden, planting new shrubs and flowers.

If you need a top supplier of plants in the UK, you’ll find Palmstead Nurseries make an excellent partner for anybody in the landscape or amenity industry.

As a supplier, we offer the most diverse range of plants, from alpines to climbers, to exciting new bulbs and flowers.

We deliver all our products using our own fleet of vehicles, when and where you need them. The cost of a delivery depends on the location and the order value, but starts at only £46 for local deliveries. Everything is delivered safely and carefully, and will arrive in first class condition, whether you’re in London or Kent itself.

If you’re choosing a supplier, why not discover more about Palmstead?

If you can’t see a plant you’re after, simply give us a call on (01233) 813340.