Searching For Plant Suppliers In The UK?

‘If you can watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn’.

(Bernie Siegel).

With Easter on the horizon, our gardens are finally coming alive again. The daffodils are looking sprightly, the blue bells covering the woods, the catkins hanging off the bushes. This time of the year is often the favourite season for gardeners.

If you’re looking for plant suppliers in the UK, Palmstead Nurseries are always bringing in new and exciting products to brighten your nursery or landscape. 

As suppliers, we offer the biggest selection of plants imaginable. All our products can be shipped anywhere in the UK.

From spring bulbs to alpine plants, to culinary herbs, Palmstead Nurseries have many categories of plants to choose from, most of which are grown at our nursery in Kent.

Beautiful and diverse plants arriving all the time.

We have an amazing new selection of Rhododendrons, which we can’t wait to bloom. Another of our most recent arrivals is the Skimmia Rubella which is flowering beautifully.

Palmstead Nurseries are a member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), which is established to promote, support and inspire professional landscapers.

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