Looking For Horticultural Products In The UK?

How does your garden grow this winter? Will it be ready to burst into colour once spring arrives?

If you run a garden centre, nursery or work in landscaping, Palmstead Nurseries have a massive range of horticultural products grown in Kent: from bamboo and aquatic plants to culinary herbs, grasses and bulbs.

Palmstead Nurseries have everything to meet the needs of the Landscape and Amenity Industry in the UK.

Established in 1968, Palmstead Nurseries have grown from a small site in the North Downs into a highly efficient, 53-acre site in the heart of Kent. We are located two miles away from Ashford so are extremely close to major motorways, making us ideal for customers all over the UK.

Palmstead are now one of the leading producers of nursery stock, and always produce high quality horticultural products. We have a reputation for integrity and quality, and we believe the key to our success is listening closely to our customers.

We have everything needed to delight green-fingered customers in 2017.

Purchase our plants online and you’ll enjoy a 5% discount. 


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