Need A Supply Of Nursery Stock Near Ashford?

Do you want a fresh supply of quality plants all year around? Do you want your nursery stock to have an exciting variety of plants even in the depths of December?

You might expect nurseries to be desolate at this time of year, but on the contrary- people flock to garden centres during winter time, looking for spring bulbs, plants for Christmas presents and garden furniture for the coming year. People find being surrounded by plants especially comforting in the cold and grey days of winter.

If you’re based near Ashford, Palmstead Nurseries have a huge range of premium quality plants for the landscape and amenity market.

No matter the type of stock that your nursery is looking for, we’ll be able to help. We have everything from flowers exploding with colour, whether it’s blood red tulips or ‘Pink Giants, to our massive range of hedges and trees.

Even if you can’t spot a plant you’re after, Palmstead have a large network of suppliers that will find it for you. We are based in Kent but supply nursery stock all over the UK. Order online and you can receive a discount of 5%.

Find out more about our nursery stock in Ashford today.

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