Do You Require Plant Suppliers In The UK?

Spring is the most popular season for people to buy and plant new bulbs, change their garden and develop an interest in gardening.

Many people are turning to gardening for its therapeutic value and to reconnect with the outside. Plant buying has therefore never been more popular in the UK. Plants are also popular gifts for those wanting to give something meaningful and which will last.

Do you want your customers to discover a world of new plants?

Palmstead Nurseries are one of the UK’s best plant suppliers, and can source both common and more unusual plants, including alpine plants, climbers, evergreen scrubs, hedging and transplants, pots and trees, aquatic plants, conifers, ferns, herbaceous plants, bamboos, culinary herbs, fruit, house plants, sundries, deciduous shrubs, grasses and, of courses, many exciting bulbs.

Palmstead have just recently brought in a host of summer bulbs, including Zantedeschia, Nerine, x amarine and Convallaria, which are all sold as loose bulbs.

Even if there’s a plant you can’t see on our website, the chances are we can still provide it. We have a network of selected suppliers who will do their best to find your ideal plant. Based in Kent, we can deliver to anywhere in the UK and products will always be in impeccable condition.  

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