Purchase Large Shrubs Online

Large shrubs are often the backbone of any garden design, but can occasionally be the last thing garden owners think of. However, evergreen shrubs are a popular choice amongst landscapers, architects and home and business owners across the UK. Palmstead Nurseries stock a wide range of large evergreen shrubs online in various sizes and interesting varieties.


Depending on your individual criteria, Palmstead Nurseries gladly advise you on the most practical and suitable large shrubs for your gardens. We have easy to maintain and fast growing varieties available and evergreen screening trees. Whether you want to create a mature and elegant screening hedge instantly or are looking for an unusual large shrub for your domestic or commercial garden, we cater to your ever need.


Large shrubs are an essential addition to any well-loved garden, adding structure, stunning flower displays, wonderful foliage and fragrances. Don’t worry if your garden is usually full of sun or shade, Palmstead has the perfect solutions for all situations. Our online value for money range is good enough for hotels and golf courses across the UK, so you can be confident that you’ll be investing in premium quality.


All our large shrubs are propagated, grown and sold from one site, meaning we can react to your online orders efficiently and we take great pride in providing all year round first-class services.