Types of Evergreen Hedges

Spring has arrived which is great news for gardeners and those of you looking to plant a hedge. It’s the perfect time to get your gardens into shape and spend time outdoors planting. If you’re looking for hedges to block out the wildness, wind and noise from the outside world, Palmstead Nurseries can help.

We have all types of evergreen hedges that guarantee to look stunning in any setting. The great news is, you can feel confident that you’re buying directly from the grower. Evergreen hedges make wonderful privacy screens, borders and stand-alone specimens with and without beautiful flower displays. At Palmstead Nurseries, we specialise in all types and varieties ensuring we have something to suit your specific requirements. From the perfect evergreen hedges for your commercial premises and your back yard at home to your golf courses and hotels, we have plenty to choose from.

Palmstead Nurseries can deliver all types of evergreen hedge to your properties across the UK and offer valuable advice along the way. We are passionate about growing and supplying long-lasting and superior quality products that can be enjoyed all year round. Whether you’re looking to transform an outside space or want something subtle to compliment your landscape, we have the answer. From Boxwood, Rosemary and Wallflower to Firethorn, Common Beach and a whole lot more, when it comes to evergreen hedges, we have a type to suit every purpose.

If you need some inspiration and advice on which type of evergreen hedge will suit your needs, you can view our fantastic full range on our website at www.palmstead.co.uk and place your order online.