Where To Buy Yew Hedges

Otherwise known as Taxus baccata, yew hedges are a handsome and distinguished addition to any garden. Timelessly beautiful, they have a magical quality to them, perfect for both traditional and contemporary gardens.

Yews have a long and rich history in England, having been planted in hundreds of church yards. Nowadays, you can find many impressively ancient trees in Norman church yards. They have a long-standing association with Christianity, making an appearance in many of the scriptures and having previously been a pagan symbol. It was also the wood of choice for bow makers in days gone by.

Ideal for those creative gardeners who want to produce topiary, it is great for those seeking a more sculptured look. Unsurprisingly this hedge plays a part in hundreds of famous gardens, including that of Hampton Court Palace. This is because it is the easiest way to achieve impressive shapes of foliage in a formal garden.

A hardy plant, they are nonetheless best planted in well-rotted manure or garden compost. Although they tolerate most soils well, even those containing chalk, they are not good in waterlogged soils or places of soil compaction.

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