Where to Purchase Prunus Lusitanica Online

Prunus Lusitanica, otherwise known as the Portuguese Laurel, is an evergreen shrub perfect for any sized garden. With fragrant white flowers in spring, it also has highly attractive foliage colour in autumn, and provides warm, luscious reds and greens in the depths of winter. Its bold pink stems also look heart-warming in those bleak December days. Thanks to its changing colour, it will give any garden an instant lift, during any season.

Since this shrub cuts very well, it is perfect for those creative gardeners who like more formal arrangements. Indeed, with Prunus Lusitanica, creating topiary is wonderfully easy. This makes it great for both those traditionalists and more modern gardeners.

Whether it’s for an Italianate garden or a geometric group of plants, this shrub is both attractive and adaptable. It can stand either clipped or unclipped, and be made into an avenue, maze or winter structure…the choices are endless. 

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