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Autumn is nearly upon us, with all its rich browns, golds and burnt greens. This is the time when yew trees begin to produce their bright red berries.  With autumn one of the most beautiful of seasons, a winter garden can look distantly drab in comparison. 

An English yew, however, looks distinguished in any season, particularly winter. Otherwise known as Taxus Baccata, this evergreen tree is extremely long-lived, often reaching between 400 to 600 years of age. The longest living plant in Europe, some even have estimated ages of 2000-4000 years. 

Often found in churchyards, they have long featured in magic and mythology. They also feature significantly in English history, having been used to make weapons like bows and arrows.

A hearty tree, yews can survive all types of soil, including chalk and limestone. Thriving in full shade, it can survive with only small amounts of sunshine. Yews are a popular choice for topiaries, although they must be maintained on a regular basis. They respond well to trimming, so they needn’t be over-pruned in their infancy.  

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