Photinia Red Robin Shrubs

The weather has become distinctly cooler lately. It now really feels like autumn is in the air. One of the wonderful things about gardens is how they reflect the seasons. Many gardeners like to design a garden which reflects this cycle, with plants which look best at different times.

Are you looking to buy shrubs this autumn? Why not consider the Photinia Red Robin? Also known as the Christmas berry, then name ‘Photinia’ derives from the Greek word for ‘shiny’, as it has dark green shiny leaves.

A popular evergreen shrub, they are attractive at any time of year. Hardy even during the coldest winter, they are a resilient plant. That makes it ideal for both beginners and more advanced gardeners.

The shrub grows best in moist, well-drained soil, in sun or partial shade. Even young shoots can be exposed to cold or late frosts, without dying away.

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