Find The Best Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen plants form the best foundation for any garden. Since they look good all year round, they provide perennial structure and beauty. They are also usually low-maintenance. Offering numerous decorative opportunities, many are great for topiary. 

Winter is tip-toeing towards us. Often the least popular season for gardeners, it’s the time when evergreens take centre stage. They brighten up gardens during the gloomy months.  

At Palmstead Nurseries we offer the best choice of Evergreen hedges. Our premium hedging includes Spotted Laurels, ‘Darts Superb’, Box hedges, Barberry, Common Dogwood, Hornbeams, Common Hawthorn, Wallflowers, Christmas Berries, Portuguese Laurels, Cherry Laurels and much more.

Palmstead Nurseries have over 40 years of experience producing quality hedges. We want to help your garden look fabulous at all times of year. Our plants are sold directly from the grower and grown on a single site. That means you can be assured of their quality. 

All our prices are highly competitive. 

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