Buy Box Hedges

As the most commonly planted hedge, Box (Buxus) suits both formal and informal gardens. Thought to be native to Britain, it has been traced to both Box Hill in Surrey and Boxley in Kent.

Whether clipped or more naturalistic, the neat appearance of Box hedges will keep your garden looking pristine, no matter the weather or time of year. For formal gardens they add a touch of class you can’t achieve any other way.

Best planted in spring or autumn, the soil should be cultivated to a spade’s depth and up to 90cm. If soil is relatively poor, you might need to mix in rotted manure or garden compost. New plants must also be kept well-hydrated, so soil should be checked regularly.

This plant can also be successfully grown in containers. This is a popular way to grow them for the purposes of creating topiary.

At Palmstead Nurseries we sell various different quantities of Common Box hedges, including 2 litre, 3 litre and 5 litres pots. Buy with us and you’ll find prices start from just £3.15 + VAT.