Spring bulbs

Five of the Weirdest Bulbs for Spring

Summer is coming to a close and spring bulbs planting season is almost upon us! There are thousands of varieties of bulbs to choose from, that provide everything from outrageous color to subtle beauty. In this article we have decided to highlight a much neglected area of spring bulbs, 'the weird ones'. Read on to discover what spring bulbs make top 5 of the weirdness. 


Allium 'Hair'


Allium 'Hair' is one of the most unusual and most dramatic-looking cultivars currently available. Astonishing flower heads with purple centres and crazy, green hair-like petals will provide an extraordinary element to any container or border. It blooms in late spring and early summer, and grows up to 75cm height.

Allium schubertii


Allium schubertii is an intriguing, slightly other-worldly looking plant. The flower heads have a very unusual shape - spherical umbels created by rich pink flowers stalks of unequal length and will definitely add unique forms and hues to your perennial border. Allium schubertii blooms in late spring and early summer and reaches 60cm height.

Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle'


Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle' has highly unusual shaped double flowers - narrow, pale greenish yellow petals (some with a slight twist) making it a unique Narcissus and one that really stands out in a crowd. 'Rip Van Winkle' has a maximum height of 20cm and blooms in early spring. It's a personal favourite of ours!

Tulipa 'La Belle Epoque'


Tulipa 'La Belle Epoque' requires special attention because of its incredible color. It is like no other tulip variety. Have you ever seen a brown tulip before? (...and I don't mean dead Tulip flowers). You will not find another variety like this - cappuccino coffee color, flushed with pink! It's elegance, glamour and delicate  appearance truly conjures images of a bygone era. It really is an eye catching tulip which we are excited to carry in our range this autumn.

Tulipa 'Wow' 


Tulipa 'Wow' is a new variety for 2015. The name speaks for itself. It really gives a 'WOW' effect!! It has been described as looking like a cross between a tulip and artichoke (and we would have to agree). It is a double form - the green-feathered ivory bottom, giving a spectacular effect with countless densely packed layers of purple petals, almost growing on top of each other! This brand new variety will be a fantastic addition to any border and will flower throughout April.        

August 2015