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Four Fantastic Salvia for Summer

A Summer of Salvia...

This summer we are excited to be introducing four Salvias to our production that all promise to be real summer showstoppers. Salvia 'Amistad', Salvia 'Clotted Cream', Salvia 'Golden Delicious' and Salvia 'Joy' will be on sale from the beginning of June. Read more below to find out about these fantastic new introductions.

Salvia 'Amistad'


 Salvia 'Amistad' is fast becoming one of the most popular flowering Salvias. Its stunning purple flowers make it a sensational addition to any garden. With an eventual height of 1m and spread of 60cm, Salvia 'Amistad' is the perfect plant to make that much needed statement in a border. Its long flowering period, beginning in May and flowering right through to October, means that you will be gifted with sensational colour for almost 6 months!

Salvia 'Clotted Cream'


  Rich, luxuriant cream flowers adorn this Salvia throughout mid to late summer, bringing a touch of class to any garden. It will reach 50-60cm in height and width, making it the ideal container plant. It also works well in providing much needed late colour in a border. It will do well in a warm, sheltered spot. In colder and wetter areas it may need some winter protection.

Salvia 'Golden Delicious'


 Vivid red flowers contrast wonderfully with bright yellow foliage making Salvia 'Golden Delicious' a fantastic plant to bring life to any garden. As well as its visual appeal, it also has an edible one! Its leaves taste of apples and make a wonderful addition to fresh salads. It has a height and spread of 60 cm and will do well in a warm, sheltered spot. In colder and wetter areas it may need some winter protection.

Salvia 'Joy'


Salvia 'Joy' is a beautiful recent introduction with attractive two tone pink flowers that emerge in late spring and continue into early autumn. With an eventual height of 60cm and spread of 50cm, Salvia 'Joy' is perfect for pots or in a mid-border position. Its flower colour means it is a versatile plant, helping to bring out other colours that surround it in a border as well as making a desired impact in a container. This, combined with deliciously scented foliage makes this hardy perennial a must have for any garden!

June 2015