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Palmstead Plants

Palmstead Plants

Moving with the times...


Palmstead Plants - Moving with the Times

We would like to advise you of some exciting changes to our services as a result of the changing ways our clients are placing orders with us.

As you will be aware, we introduced the Cash and Carry facility some 15 years ago to meet the demands and requirements of our clients at that time.  However, having closely monitored and analysed the use of the facility along with the ever-increasing number of clients benefitting from using the web, we are now re-deploying our resources to better meet these changes and challenges.

With effect from 1 January 2019 the Palmstead Plants facility will have restricted access to visitors without an appointment.  We do, however, recognise that our customers are subject to the demands placed on them by their clients and will always do our best to accommodate the late notice we all work under from time to time, and have allocated resources to support this.

You may have already received a briefing on the changes we are implementing, however please do not hesitate to contact our helpline on (07909) 685725 should you require any further information as to how our new services can help you and your business. 

Here are some of the main benefits:
- Visitors can make an appointment to view specimen stock; the range and area of which will be expanded and enhanced;
- For larger projects where advice and selection are essential, appointments can be made to view Palmstead Plants and the million+ plants we grow on our 50+ hectare nursery;
- By placing your orders online you will receive a 10% discount;
- We offer a Click & Collect service; order by midday and collect the next working day from 9.00a.m. (see conditions on the website);
- Direct access to a designer to talk through your scheme’s requirements and to discuss how Palmstead can help;
- A wide range of non-stock items available online to order, enhancing our existing diverse range of products.

Having placed your order we will phone you on the day prior to the scheduled collection date to confirm you are attending and to advise you of the collection point; small orders will still be collected from Palmstead Plants, larger orders from the nursery where we have the full range of facilities to load your goods.

We want to work together as a partnership; placing orders online in advance of the required day of collection makes the process much easier for you and us.  If you do require a helping hand with our website please call our e-Commerce support, Marta, on (01233) 811071.  With the bonus of a 10% discount, ordering online represents great value for your business.

By using the Click & Collect service for smaller orders, combined with our new quality inspection process for all collection orders (carried out by a dedicated horticulturalist with over 25 years of experience with Palmstead) we are confident we can truly meet your expectations through our new service levels. The changes will bring a wide range of improvements to service levels and the lines we stock.  However, as with all changes, we need to remain attentive to the needs of our clients and respond to your invaluable feedback.  Please email your thoughts to the Head of Sales and Customer Care at