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New Specimen Section

Wide selection of multistems

New Specimen Section

Even more diverse range of specimens

Changes at Palmstead Plants

Renovation works

Changes at Palmstead Plants

Renovation works


Colourful display


Hardy tropicals, herbs and lavenders


Hardy tropicals, herbs and lavenders

If you would like to find out more about some exciting changes happening at Palmstead Plants from September 2017 then please click here. 

Palmstead Plants - We're here to help

The Plant Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.30pm and 8.30 am-12.30 pm on Saturdays (4 March-24 June ONLY) Please note we will be shut on the following dates - 17 April, 29 April, 27 May, 29 May

In the meantime if you would like to check our stock levels before you visit then all currently stocked items are highlighted on our website with a shopping trolley icon.

Your gateway to a world of possibilities

Palmstead Plants, our on site Plant Centre at Wye, is run by a team of dedicated plant experts and is ideal for the garden designer and installer alike. You can instantly access our plants and select from our superb hand picked range of plants all in one convenient location. Always looking good and supported by a comprehensive range of specimen plants from around the world, all at the same great wholesale prices. Palmstead Plants opens up a whole new palette of design possibilities with high impact specimen plants providing the key to inspiring gardens. 

Throughout the spring we will be showcasing the very best plants for fragrant gardens as well as all of our spring favourites.

With our ready-made border you will be able to take your planting scheme straight from our display. We will be stocking plants featured in this display and some great alternatives which should help to make your planting experience stress free!

Spring brings with it some of the most vibrant flowers and foliage as new leaves emerge on deciduous branches and flower buds are awoken from their winter slumber. Spring flowering plants should have pride of place in any garden.

There are plants for every month of spring. From the early flowering beauty of Corylopsis pauciflora in March, to the sublime Ribes 'King Edward VII' in April, with its raspberry coloured flowers contrasting beautifully with breath-taking Azaleas and Rhododendrons during May. 

There are numerous trees that burst into colour during the spring. From spring-flowering cherry trees to the beautiful pink flowering Cercis 'Forest Pansy' and the delicious scent of crab-apple blossom to name just a few! They fill the air with sweet fragrance and add unrivalled colour to the landscape. A must have for any garden!

Spring bulbs hold a much loved place in the garden. No other plants are able to make the same impact they do after a long winter. From early flowering Anemone and Daffodils to the much loved Bluebell and Tulip, spring bulbs occupy a unique role in the garden. There are spring flowering perennials and shrubs to fit any situation. Flower colours that range across the entire colour spectrum. There are forms and habits to fill any space and any size garden. Just be careful not fill your garden before you have explored all that the other seasons have to offer!

Why not visit us today...

Why not visit us today and come and see for yourself our comprehensive range of quality products, all at fantastic wholesale prices.

Below are just a few reasons to visit us...

• Palmstead Nurseries' shop window for seasonal, "looking good" stock

• Wonderful specimens from 50 to 1000 litres

• Fantastic range of topiary specimens from spirals and pom poms to cones and balls

• Daily stock replenishment to ensure “nursery fresh” healthy plants at every visit

• Regular pan-European deliveries mean you are never too far away from that perfect specimen

• A huge range of hardy tropicals, Palms, Cordylines and Phormiums.

• New varieties of shrubs and perennials 

• Trees and tree form shrubs

We request that if you know before visiting us that there will be items you require (that we do not hold as stock in Palmstead Plants), to please contact us before your visit and we shall get them picked for you in advance.
All stock availability can be checked as a registered customer online (stock at the Palmstead Plants is represented by a little person beside the listing).

Meet the team

Geoffrey de la Cour-Baker - Manager

Formally Young Plants Manager at Palmstead Nurseries, Geoff has been managing Palmstead Plants since Jan 2014. Geoff's love of plants combined with his friendly nature and passion for people have helped to maintain the success of Palmstead Plants. Geoff is keen on pushing Palmstead Plants forward into a vibrant future; with new plant introductions plus a wider range of specimens than ever before.

Marta Michalak - Supervisor

Marta joined Palmstead Plants in Oct 2014. She left a position as a C&C Supervisor near Manchester to join Palmstead Plants. With a degree in horticulture, garden design experience and a passion for plants, Marta has already brought a lot to the team and we hope she remains with us for many years to come.

Natalie Markworth - Palmstead Plants Sales Assistant
Natalie joined Palmstead Plants in February 2016. She is the newest member of our team and brings a significant amount of experience to the roll. Natalie is quickly becoming a key member of the team and her sales experience combined with her passion for horticulture and extensive knowledge makes her a real asset to the department.

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