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Over the Christmas period I visited Bicester Village. It is a shopping centre, but to see the effort that had gone into their floral displays was absolutely amazing. They had created a very inspiring English Country Garden space. I was really impressed with the creativity and attention to detail. True rural, cottage style, beautifully planted containers and vintage decorations. They used lots of seasonal interest such as Conifers, Hellebores, Heathers, Skimmias, Cammelias, aromatic herbs and much more. Bicester Village is full of ideas that you can bring to life in your own garden. I loved the metal pots, bird cages and vintage bikes with baskets full of plants. If you are a fan of cottage gardens this will definitely inspire you!




I visited Waddesdon Manor near Oxford last month and I have to say, it was a magical experience! I was so lucky to see the fantastic light festival by dark. The display was absolutely amazing. All the trees and shrubs were beautifully lit up with a rainbow of colours. The lights were playfully combined with sound and movement. It was an incredibly inspiring show. Imagine your garden with a wonderfully lit up specimen or multistem. It adds so much drama, texture and mystery to any outdoor space.




Vertical planting. Doesn’t it look amazing? I recently saw this building in London and felt very inspired by it. I definitely believe we should create more green spaces like this in our urban environments. Imagine how beneficial planting like this is for our health, wildlife and happiness? If you attended our 2018 Soft Landscape Workshop you will probably remember that we spoke a lot about vertical planting. Every time I see a green wall (like this one in London)I feel positive that together we can make our urban environments greener. If you would like to find out more about greening our urban environments then Andrew Wilson will be speaking at our 2019 Workshop on 23 Jan on this topic (and hopefully will be showing some fantastic vertical planting!)